Some days of unemployment are good – the days you spend with friends.

Like today.  I didn’t have any meetings, presentations, coffees, cover letters to write, or companies to research.  Just a lunch scheduled with 3 other women who’s names also start with J, and are some of my favorite people.  J2 drove so I (J1) got to relax in the car, J3 got us up to date on her great kids and stories of their college life, and J4 bounced ideas off us for a new career.  We had fantastic food at Beans & Barley – I have GOT to go there more often.  We parted company, and J2 & I went searching for dulce de leche sauce, Whole Foods did not have it, but El Rey did.  More importantly (to me anyway) El Rey had fantastic pork tamales and cheap cilantro.  A couple more hours and then it’s time to hit the last church festival of the season.  A beautiful end of summer day in Milwaukee with good food & great friends.  Doesn’t get much better.

*My apologies to anyone reading this that is not in SE WI and has no clue what Beans & Barley, El Rey, or a church festival is.  You’ll just have to come visit & find out for yourself.

**Thanks to Phil G for the tip to link to B&B – it was super easy to figure out!


4 responses to “Some days of unemployment are good – the days you spend with friends.

  1. It WAS a great unemployed day. Luv, J2

  2. Every day can be a great day Julie. It all depends on who you spend the day with.

    You might want to link to Beans & Barley’s website so you can share the experience with your visitors 🙂

  3. Every day before you get coffee I think you need to post it on here, and let us know where you are going… since it is called “ice coffee addiction” and all. And it was a great day, and great food! J4

  4. Ha! Love it – I can have a “coffee tally” page! Thanks for the idea!

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