Help someone else, and help yourself in the process.

Everyone says that you should take time to do volunteer work while you are looking for work – and everyone is right.  I joined the New Berlin Junior Woman’s Club in April, and have met 30+ new women.  Women that have jobs, families, busy lives of their own, but take time out to make the world better for others.  I volunteered at the National Dash – a run/walk on July 4th that raised over $6000 this year.  $6000!!!!!  And today I helped out at the New Berlin Historical Society’s  Historic Day at Prospect Hill – spent 4 hours selling food and drinks to families.  I got to know NBJWC members that I hadn’t met before, and met the wonderful men & women from the Historical Society.  At the end of my shift, my feet hurt, I was hot & tired, and SO excited to do it again next year!

I’ve heard it said “You are the average of the people you surround yourself with.”  Today, I am SPECTACULAR.


One response to “Help someone else, and help yourself in the process.

  1. I love it. My coach has taught me to ask myself every single day, “Who were you today?” This caused me to start embracing the present and to learn to live my life with more intention every single day. I am so happy to see you doing the same. You ARE a spectacular person, no doubt!

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