How’s your success log coming along?

What do you mean, “what’s a success log”?  I got about a month into unemployment & thought – man, I don’t want to get to the end of this period in my life & have NO CLUE what accomplished!  So I started keeping track of things that I had done during my new found time.  Here are some of the highlights:

#1.  Navigated the maze of unemployment

#3.  Researched & bought laptop & printer

#9.  Joined FUEL Milwaukee (a great organization with excellent programs & lots of opportunities to network)

#10.  Joined New Berlin Junior Woman’s Club – GO JUNIORS!  Find an organization that needs you & everyone wins.

#14.  Learned Twitter

#23.  Applied at XYZ company

#30.  Set up search agents on

#48.  Sent a job lead to F.K.

#60.  Took some stuff to Goodwill

#67.  Hung with J2 on the day she got laid off

#82.  Learned to cut up a pineapple

#99.  Dogsat for a friend

#125.  Started blog

#129.  Went to a health fair at Good Harvest Market & won a raffle prize – got back on the vitamin track

As you can see, it’s a WIDE variety of accomplishments.  You should really include every job you apply for, every new connection you make, every event you attend, books you read, hobbies you enjoy, volunteering, time helping others in their search, I could go on & on.  It makes me feel better about “not working”, and then when some well meaning but clueless individual asks “What are you doing with all that free time?  Catching up on Dr. Phil?”  you’ll have so many answers that they’ll be sorry they asked.  Bless their hearts.


2 responses to “How’s your success log coming along?

  1. Thanks for hanging with me on my “special” day. You have been a constant mentor, guide and friend to me!!! ~J2

  2. What a cool idea! It’s a great way to realize that you are doing lots of things that benefit you in the job hunt and as a person.

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